Faster Than Ever: How Convenience Can Be More Convenient.

Our demand for convenience is driving things like click and go, delivery, and bypassing checkout. The purchasing experience needs to accommodate wherever you are or wherever you want it to be. Our lives are trending to whatever’s easiest for us.

Convenience retailers are rushing to expand their reach. They’re trying to get in front of the demand for customer personalization. Customer data systems need to be agnostic to interact across multiple channels to provide a seamless experience that makes the customer feel they matter.

Amazon, via Amazon Go, has made a near immediate impact on convenience retail. They continuing to expand their “Just Walk Out” format to redefine convenience. The data giant is capitalizing on a wealth of knowledge it already has on its customers. They’re successfully converting the eCommerce experience to brick and mortar.

This isn’t anything new. We want more and more convenience in life. Even in pizza delivery! Just a few years ago, who would’ve thought having a pizza showing up at your doorstep wasn’t convenient enough? Bored sometime? Check out what Dominos is doing now. The first convenience store chain came onto the scene in 1927. The owners realized that customers frequently needed items like bread and milk after the grocery stores had closed for the day. The world now knows this company as 7-Eleven.

Today, tech drives convenience. It’s not just about needing last minute bread and milk. It’s about needing a cart load of items in the now. It’s about predicting, and even KNOWING, when their customers will need them through custom touch points. Winning these customers requires hi-touch interaction. Hi-touch require hi-tech.

Retailers need to meet demands as fast as possible, when and where I want, recognize me automatically, and top it off by adding a personalized touch tailored to me – making the experience lasting. If c-stores are doing it right they’ll win customers. If they continue to do it wrong, and not adapt, then they may not survive.