StoreKeep – Outlier Detection

StoreKeep’s outlier detection acts like a thousand consultants keeping an eye on your bottom line. Its state of the art detection algorithms identify problems and opportunities in your store operations to improve your bottom line every minute of every day.

No Out-Of-Stock surprises. Store keep alerts your team to routine inventory problems before they happen.

Forgot to replenish hot food before the lunch rush? StoreKeep reminds you while you still have time to correct the problem.

Long lines turn away customers. StoreKeep alerts you when lines may be forming in your stores so you can provide convenient service to your customers.

Winter Storm? You’re prepared. Sell through detection alerts you to demand spikes in seasonal items so you dont run out.  

Your shelves are valuable real estate. Dead stock alerts identify products that aren’t moving so you can take action before the dust collects. 

Outlier detection and alerts are just one of the many features of StoreKeep.

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