Why Convenience Store Retailers are Prioritizing Front Office Technology


I always look forward to this time of year when the Summer is fading, football returns and Austin may finally get some cooler weather.  Fall also includes the NACS conference where many of us will be visiting Las Vegas to learn about and discuss new trends and technologies in the industry.  In that context, I wanted to highlight a technology transformation that has begun to occur in the c-store industry – the adoption of Front-Office Technology.

For decades now, the primary technology used by convenience store operators has been Back-Office software.  This category of software was introduced when the c-store industry was undergoing its first “Technology Transformation”.  Back-office systems were developed to replace pencil and paper by automating accounting and administrative processes like the end of month reporting, inventory control, tax preparation and reconciliation.  These systems make use of batch imports of historic data from your POS to report on what happened in the past.   The ROI from back-office systems is derived from automating manual processes and reducing the amount of time team members needed to perform those tasks. These systems have been improved over time, but they are generally considered “legacy” systems because they were originally developed on older technology that is difficult to enhance.

The convenience store market is now in-the-midst of its second major Technology Transformation which is being driven by the adoption of Front-Office Technology. Front-office technology includes forward-looking products that have been designed specifically to drive revenue, increase profit and improve customer satisfaction. Generally speaking, front-office technologies have the potential to deliver a much larger ROI than back-office automation.

As we have been preparing for our trip to NACS and talking with our clients and prospective clients alike, it has become clear that convenience retailers have identified the need for front-office technology. After experiencing so much disruption and change over the last few years, they have realized the systems that they have in place were not adequate to keep up with the pace of change. Some of these retailers have even made significant investments into their front-office but they have ended up with partial solutions that would require an enormous effort to tie together.

Taiga has developed the c-store industry’s first comprehensive Front-Office Platform. Our entire organization has been carefully designed to be the foundation of your Front-Office strategy. We provide complete solutions to your challenges like: Price Optimization, Promotion Analysis and real-time operational alerts – just to name a few. We’re also proud to be an open system and we offer real-time integration with any of your other technologies so you can consolidate everything into a single Platform.

To learn more about Taiga’s Front-Office Platform, and how you could generate a much greater ROI from your technology, please feel free to contact us.