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“The customization of the software is one of my favorite features. Taiga takes into consideration what is uniquely most important to you and your company and customizes the system to fit your needs. Every chain’s needs are different and Taiga caters to that.”

– Alan Meyer

Our Technology Trajectory

We Listen to You

Taiga’s Front Office Platform was developed in collaboration with convenience store retailers to address the ever changing demands of the convenience store industry.

We work closely with you to maximize the value of our Front Office Platform. Feel confident in your ability to manage data and utilize it in the best way possible!

Partnering with Taiga includes:

  • Unlimited training and support for the lifetime of our partnership
  • Continuous product enhancements without additional fees
  • Our new innovations are driven by your feedback

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We’re proud to partner with many industry leading companies and associations

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The culture of our organization is rooted around the thought that we understand your fears and are truly here to be a partner.