Price Optimization

maximize sales and margin with optimized Pricing

Our AI accurately predicts the optimal price for a SKU that maximizes margins and sales volume.

Ensure Your Prices Are Accurate And Optimal

See recommended Price Changes By Category, SubCategory or SKU

Price Wisely With Confidence

Selecting the right price to attract customers and also make money can sometimes seem more like an art than a science.  Pricing can also take hours of time and testing to get right.

Now, the Taiga AI can take over that process and simplify it.  Know exactly how to adjust pricing and when, then monitor performance across stores to ensure execution.  Save time and make more money with our add-on Price Optimization Module.

Price Optimization Features

Get Pricing Recommendations, See Impacts and Monitor Compliance in Real-Time
See Price Recommendations And Expected Revenue Impacts
See Price And Margin Impacts For Any Product That Changes Price
See How Prices Are Changing By Store To Ensure Compliance
Optimize Pricing to Maximize Results!
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Integration & Implementation

“When I am talking to vendors it is wonderful because for the first time we are speaking the same language because we are all using the NACS categorization”
Slaton Whatley
Whatley Oil

Start receiving real-time insights into your store’s data today with hands-on guidance and training.