About Taiga Data

Who we are

Taiga was founded to bring enterprise-level business intelligence and analytics to all levels of the convenience store industry. We believe that real-time data is the key to quick decision-making. When our customers want to talk “big picture,” it’s our data they rely on.

Who is Taiga?

A Taiga is a complex network of interconnected systems of millions of organisms, living together in harmony. We chose the name Taiga because the forest is a great visual example of the complex network of systems our Convenience store clients must manage to operate their businesses – and our Front Office Platform brings those systems together in harmony.

Our core team of entrepreneurs have a unique skill set – extensive experience taking large amounts of data and making it relevant and usable. As previous builders of a successful software company, they developed a unique expertise in managing large amounts of data. Previously, their software integrated all of the complex systems associated with operating some of the largest resorts in the hospitality industry. Now they are applying their over 20 years experience managing data to the convenience store industry to help drive revenue growth through knowledge. Their goal then and now is to ensure that data is quantifiable, consumable and usable by multiple teams.


Our Vision

We believe that empowerment and confidence happen when one consistently has the answers at their fingertips

Our Misson

To always provide easy access to real-time data

What We Believe

people shape our organization

Much of our value is in the way we search for answers.  We are investigative and micro. We search for data knowing the outcome will bring revenue.

What resources drive this collection? Integrations, partners, code, service and asking questions. At the core of all those things is our people; our most important resource is our peoples’ attitude.

The people that ensure our growth is not just a construct of internal talent. We partner with customers and individuals along all avenues – they share our vision and understanding and help build our culture.

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