Integrated Data Improves Revenue, Profit & Customer Satisfaction

Meet Your New Solution: Our Front Office Platform
How it Works

Real-Time Solutions that Deliver Measurable Results

Taiga’s Core Program provides Integrated Solutions that Drive Revenue, Profit & Increase Customer Satisfaction.


Installing Taiga’s Front Office Platform is easy and non-disruptive to your day to day operations. It only requires 15 minutes of hands on time per store to achieve seamless integration across all of your current technology systems.

Once installed all of your data is consolidated into the cloud and cataloged into the NACS category standard.

Going forward, once a transaction occurs at a store, it is visible within our consoles in less than 2 minutes. As new data is flowing in, it is analyzed by our AI in real-time which will detect unexpected events, and new trends while updating forecasts.

Real-Time Alerts

Taiga’s AI is like having a team of 20 data analysts working around the clock to monitor the data from all of your systems. With 24/7 analysis, you will receive real-time alerts when there are anomalies or possible issues at your stores. Save time and money!

  • Be alerted to issues as they arise, reducing response time, eliminating downtime and minimizing costs.
  • See anomolies as they occur to take advantage of opportunities and minimize issues.
  • Set alert parameters custom to your business and be alerted to only the items you want.
See Your Data from Anywhere!

Customizable Dashboards

Each console is tailored to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time which empowers your staff to quickly make informed decisions and achieve better results.

Continuous Updates

Taiga is continually collaborating with our clients to enhance our platform. This enables them to keep up with the changing market conditions while we make improvements to better suit their unique needs.

Core System Capabilities

Aggregated Executive Dashboards

Get the Right Data to the Right People

By eliminating the manual analysis process, retailers can save 30-60 minutes per day in store manager time.  This was a savings of over $30,000 for a 10 store chain.

  • Automated Data Categorization into the NACS standard saves employee time and enables Taiga’s clients to compare apples to apples across their stores and across industry benchmarks.
  • See your business at a glance, in real-time, from anywhere as Taiga’s cloud-based system integrates with your retail POS, loyalty, Fuel dispensers, back office and ATG systems.
  • Customize dashboards for different departments or specific team members and provide real-time access to the information they need.

Real Time Operations Alerts

Address Issues Before They Become Problems

Save time and money when you are alerted to discrepancies as they happen in real time.

  • See store performance as it happens and be aware of exactly how your store is doing at any point in time.
  • Our Artificial Intelligence will generate staff specific alerts based on set parameters to identify them of issues or opportunities detected.
  • Make changes in real-time and alert staff when they are live.

Category Management

More Control Over Your Product Data

Maximize profit per shelf through thoughtful assortment planning.  One client saw a 10% increase in cold vault profit by moving a single door to beer in a college district.

  • Analyze properly cataloged data by category, subcategory, brand, supplier, and individual SKU in real-time.
  • View the volume, growth and drain of each sku in a product set to improve the performance of your product assortment and space allocation.
  • Leverage real-time data to improve the outcome of your supplier negotiations.

Market Basket Analysis

See What Your Customers Are Buying

Increase basket profit through effective cross promotion.

  • Our Artificial Intelligence learns your customers buying habits and shows you the best opportunities to cross promote.
  • See what items are frequently purchased together to optimize shelf placement and in store displays.
  •  Find out what products are purchased with slower moving items to try and increase turns.

Customer Traffic Analysis

Get to Know Your Customers

Optimize staffing and cleaning by seeing exactly when customers are in your stores.

  • Understand the unique traffic patterns of each individual store and optimize operations at that store accordingly.
  • Determine how sales of specific products or sub categories within your inventory are impacted by customer traffic flows.
  • Execute Strategies that can increase Self Checkout utilization.

Product Analysis

Maximize Profit from Top Sellers
  • Understand your highest and lowest margin items for a given brand.
  • See lottery sales easily and at a glance.
  • Identify which products are driven by loyalty and promotions.
  • Optimize assortment and shelving by understanding product relationships.

Promotion Analysis

Increase Promotional Sales and Profit

Maximize promotional performance by seeing which promotions perform well and eliminating those that don’t.

  • See key metrics like take rate, redemption, promotional sales and margin in real time.
  • Compare promotional performance across stores, months, weeks, days or hours.
  • Analyze promotions across brands and skus to determine what is most effective in driving sales in your stores.

Loyalty Analysis

See What Your Loyalty Program Is Giving You
  • Understand how your loyalty program is driving sales
  • Analyze loyalty vs non-loyalty transactions to determine the ROI of your program

We Partner With You

Taiga pushes out new enhancements to our clients multiple times each week.

We want to provide our clients the most practical data for their business and role, so we partner with you to develop a customized dashboard for your business needs. 

Our engineers and product training analysts are always available for feedback, suggestions and insights into product enhancements.

We partner with you

We Push Out New Enhancements to Our Clients Multiple Times Each Week

Taiga has been developed and refined using insight, ideas and feedback from our clients about what would bring the most value to their businesses.

Our engineers and product training analysts are always available for feedback, suggestions and insights into product enhancements.

We want to give our clients what works best for them which is why we allow for personalization of console/dashboards for different team members.

Hear from our Clients

The Data Problem

"Data is an invaluable tool to gauge operations. The problem with data is the amount of it. You will spend more time trying to analyze it than actually doing something with the analysis. What you need is speed, that's the key to data. That is what we've gotten with Taiga."
Alan Meyer
CEO of Mach 1 Stores

Streamline your operations today and start making actionable decisions for your stores with efficiency.