Competitive Fuel Pricing

Monitor market fuel pricing to maximize sales

Compare fuel prices to competitors and receive real time alerts when your price is out of range 

Monitor Transactions and Continuously Validate Fuel Pricing Against the Competition

fuel pricing paired with real-time data insights

Save time and increase sales by optimizing fuel pricing.

Automate your process for tracking competitive fuel prices. Our competitive fuel price monitoring add-on tracks prices, with the help of Opis and Gas Buddy, and sends out automatic alerts when your pricing is out of range.

You determine the competitors and price parameters for each store. The data is updated hourly so you receive an alert as soon as our system notices an anomaly. Real-time dashboards are always available to track changes as they are issued to ensure proper implementation.

Competitive Fuel Pricing Features

Understand How you Are Priced Against The Competition
View Competitive Pricing In Real-Time And See Where Your Stores Stand
See Your Sales And Pricing Summary At a Glance
Look at Pricing Trends Across Fuel Types To Effectively Manage Your Business
Ensure You Are PRiced Competitively To Maximize Traffic And Revenue
Hear from our Clients

Integration & Implementation

“Taiga came through on integration and implementation with flying colors. Within a week or two, we were pulling in live data from our POS, and then within another week or two we were pulling historical data to be translated into our dashboard for analyzing.”
Alan Meyer
CEO of Mach 1 C-Stores

Start receiving real-time insights into your store’s data today with hands-on guidance and training.