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A Front Office Platform Designed Exclusively for convenience store retailers

Our solutions improve operations across every level within a convenience store retailer from executives to store associates. Drive revenue, profit and improve customer satisfaction with Taiga’s continuously updating Front Office Platform.

Customer Traffic Dashboards in Real Time
Sales Forecasts at your Fingertips
We Know the Data

Get to Know Your New Front Office Platform

Does your current data process take weeks to get to an insight?  Would you love to see your data in real time so you can act quickly? Do you have data in different places and would love to see it all in a single dashboard? Taiga can help you with our Front Office Platform.

What is a Front Office Platform? Just like an accounting system manages finances behind the scenes and is your “back office” – a Front Office Platform turns all your sales and transaction data into insights. Insights that can help you drive sales and profit by better managing what your customers see – promotions, category management, fuel, operations and more.

Taiga’s Front Office platform is specially designed for Convenience Store Retailers and utilizes real-time integration, NACS categorization, artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies to create solutions that allow Convenience Store Retailers to quickly keep up with changing market conditions.

Taiga can integrate all of your independent technology systems into a single platform that enables 360° visibility across your enterprise.

Effortless Deployment & Integration

Get started in only
15 minutes per store!

Installing Taiga’s Front Office Platform is non-disruptive to your day to day operations. It only requires 15 minutes per store to achieve seamless integration across all of your current technology systems.

Once installed all of your data is consolidated into the cloud and cataloged into the NACS category standard.

Collaborate with Us

Experience a Long Term Partnership

When you partner with Taiga, you get more than just a product. We work closely with you to maximize the value of our Front Office Platform throughout the term of our relationship. We provide confidence in our platform with:

  • Unlimited training and support
  • Continuous product enhancements at no additional charge
  • Product innovation driven by client feedback
  • Quarterly client reviews to maximize platform utilization

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