Affordable Business Intelligence for Independent C-Store Operators

StoreKeep is business intelligence software designed and priced to provide independent c-stores access to valuable insights that large chains use to maintain a competitive advantage in the market. Using cutting-edge technology, StoreKeep integrates with the systems that you already have in place and organizes your data to provide real-time access to critical performance indicators. Real-time access to changes in customer purchasing behavior, inventory forecasts, staffing, and market fuel prices enables you to quickly make decisions and achieve better results.


Executive Scorecard

  • Consolidated reporting of Fuel, InStore, QSR, CarWash, etc. (Total Volume and Sales, Net Volume and Sales)
  • Exception alerts including out of stock, loss prevention, maintenance required, quality of service
  • Cost per Customer

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Category Management

  • PlanOGrams of all NACS categories, subcategories, down to individual SKU’s using your transaction data
  • Product facing analysis
  • Customer analysis including who they are, what they buy and when they shop
  • Price optimization and promotion analysis

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Fuel Pricing & Maintenance

  • Price comparison with local competitors in real time using live data from OPIS from over 144k stations
  • Product facing analysis
  • Alerts to changes in market price - Price restorations and demand fluctuations
  • Maintenance and inventory alerts from pump controllers

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Inventory Management

  • Tracks sell through rates
  • Identifies changes in product demand
  • Forecasts inventory needs
  • Generates real time inventory alerts

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Remote Operations

View, access, and analyze KPIs and scorecards for products, stores, regions, and customer segments from anywhere without waiting for the weekly sales reports. Know how your stores, fuel sales, and promotions are performing in real time when you have the opportunity to make an impact.

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Ready for the future, today

Get results without costly long term upgrades to POS or other systems. Taiga unifies your data points across existing on-premise and cloud retail technologies. So you have the knowledge to win in the market of today and tomorrow.

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Business intelligence at an affordable price

Convenience operators have known for a long time that business intelligence is key to a modern and successful growth strategy. Unfortunately, many BI solutions are too expensive for independent c-store operators. Over 80% of operators are still spending significant resources sorting through print reports, transaction logs, and unreliable 3rd party data sources creating little value and far too slow to act.

StoreKeep is different than the BI solutions you may have looked at in the past. StoreKeep is affordably priced Software-as-a-Service specifically designed to meet the needs of independent c-store operators. Easily add or remove stores from your service as your store portfolio changes.

Eliminate the effort of organizing your data

Today’s independent convenience store operator knows that utilizing their own data for local insight and action has unlimited possibilities to generate revenue, reduce costs, and streamline operations.

So why are so many operators still making decisions based on routine? Most independent operators believe organizing their data would be time consuming and impossibly expensive. Taiga’s proprietary Data Logistics Hub (DLH) uses cutting edge AI to organize every item level sale in your stores to the NACS category system in real-time.

Conversion Driven In-Store Purchase

StoreKeep works with your existing store technology

Many business intelligence systems require operators to consolidate all of their store hardware and software under a single vendor or perform costly long term custom integration projects. This is an impossible proposal for many independents who have a variety of software, hardware, and fuel brands across their portfolio of stores.

StoreKeep works seamlessly with any point of sale, pump controllers, loyalty programs, and many other systems at your c-stores. The Taiga Dock is installed at each store in minutes and integrates with all of your systems at the store. There is never a need to replace or upgrade your store systems to take advantage of the full benefits of StoreKeep. Even if you have different systems and fuel brands at your stores.

You won't over analyze with StoreKeep

Taiga works directly with many independent operators like you to constantly refine StoreKeep for you and your staff. You wont fear analysis paralysis or need a team of consultants and data scientists to take advantage of the benefits of StoreKeep. Our role based approach puts the right information in front of the right people in your organization. Keeping it simple and intuitive to make informed decisions.

Additionally, our US based service team is always ready to help your people learn new insights and get the most out of StoreKeep.

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