The Only Front Office Platform Designed for Convenience Retailers

Taiga’s Front office platform transforms the raw data from your existing technologies into a single, intelligent, real-time operating system. The Platform provides complete solutions that drive revenue, increase profit and improve customer satisfaction.

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Operational Intelligence Designed for Convenience Retailers

Most data-driven solutions are expensive to install and require in house resources to customize reports and perform analysis. Taiga’s Platform only requires a fraction of the time and effort to install. The platform’s advanced AI performs valuable analysis and identifies actionable insights in real-time so your staff can stay focused on operating your business and achieving better results. 

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The Complete Solution to your Category Management Needs

Understand and control every category across all of your stores. Taiga’s AI automatically organizes your data into the NACS Category Standard, Predicts Changes in Customer Demand and enables you to perform Price Optimization while taking advantage of our extensive database of brand and item attributes.

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Affordable Solutions, No Hidden Fees and No Long-Term Contracts

At Taiga we believe that excellent Technology and Service is the key to long-term partnerships with our clients. We offer affordable SAAS pricing that includes unlimited training, service and upgrades for the lifetime of our relationship. Our services can be canceled at any time for any reason which requires that we hold ourselves to a higher standard than traditional vendors. We are always collaborating with your team to get the most out of our Platform.

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Taiga's Front Office Solutions

Transforming the raw data from your existing technologies into a single, intelligent, real-time operating system

Intelligent Sales Forecasting

Artificial Intelligence monitors your sales transactions in real time to provide up to the minute sell through and inventory analysis. Monitor your stores’ performance today or predict what will happen tomorrow while working from anywhere.

Category Management

Using Taiga's real-time market basket AI your category managers will have capabilities to optimize allocation and drive gross margin like never before. Not doing Category Management? We can help you get started.

Competitive Fuel Pricing

We analyze hourly fuel pricing updates from the GasBuddy and Opis network to ensure that your fuel prices are inline with your competition. When we detect that your prices are falling behind, we will instantly send out a notification so you can address the issue swiftly before taking a loss..

Fuel Inventory Management

Taiga integrates with several ATG vendors to provide real-time insights into Fuel Inventory and Delivery History. Active monitoring will alert you to compliance and days of supply issues as soon as they are detected.

Loss Prevention

Our Platform analyzes each transaction in real-time to identify employee theft at the register and alert store managers immediately. Once employees know that the system is monitoring their transactions, it also acts as an effective deterrent. Total employee theft can be reduced by 50%.

Real Time Alerts

Customizable real time alerts notify you of issues and outliers within your stores. Know when Inventory is low on popular items, when sales are spiking or dropping at an individual store, or when your tanks are running low.