Loyalty Analysis

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Consolidate all your loyalty transactions into one simple dashboard, so you can understand what your loyalty program is delivering

Understand How Your Loyalty Program Impacts Your Business

See Sales, Share, And Transactions Easily

Easily Calculate The ROI On Loyalty Programs

Launching a loyalty program is a big investment.  Retaining customers and increasing their sales and profit are key goals for these programs.  But seeing the loyalty data in the myriad of other data and systems you have is often challenging and hard to do.

Taiga’s Front Office Platform removes these challenges, allowing you to see loyalty program data quickly and easily. Review our loyalty specific dashboards or filter for your loyalty program on many of our other reports.  See exactly what your loyalty program is contributing to your business!

Loyalty Features

Fully Understand What Your Loyalty Program Is Contributing to the business
See Loyalty Sales, Share and Trends Over Time
See Loyalty Performance By Store
See Loyalty By Month and What It Contributes To Your Business
Understand performance and Optimize Your Loyalty program
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Integration & Implementation

“When I am talking to vendors it is wonderful because for the first time we are speaking the same language because we are all using the NACS categorization”
Slaton Whatley
Whatley Oil

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