Promotion Analysis

Maximize performance when you promote

Aggregate all your promotional results into a single dashboard so you can see at a glance what delivered, and what did not.

See Promotional Performance and Drive Results

Ensure your promotions Deliver

Drive Your Business With Effective Promotional Planning

Promotions are key to driving inside store performance.  Where, when and how you promote can impact your results drastically. Optimizing your promotional strategy can mean the difference between making and losing money on a product.

 With Taiga’s Front Office Platform, you can see your promotional results in a single dashboard. Understand take rate, redemption, sales, discounts and pool margins so you can make smarter decisions about what to promote and when.  Maximize your profit and revenue with a solid promotional strategy.

Promotion Analysis Features

See Promotional performance in real-time by store, month, promotion and more
See Key Metrics for Any Promotion At A Glance
Understand How Performance Varies By Promotion Type
Recognize Promotional Trends By Month And Optimize Accordingly
Don't wonder how your promotions are performing ever again
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Integration & Implementation

“When I am talking to vendors it is wonderful because for the first time we are speaking the same language because we are all using the NACS categorization”
Slaton Whatley
Whatley Oil

Start receiving real-time insights into your store’s data today with hands-on guidance and training.