Customer Traffic Analysis

Drive efficiency and profit with real-time traffic analysis

Increase sales by understanding your stores unique traffic patterns and adjusting operations, sales and promotions accordingly

Know When Customers are Visiting Your Stores

Work Smarter

Increase Operational Efficiency

Wouldn’t it be great to know the best time to schedule cleaning to minimize downtime and increase efficiency? What if you could know the traffic to each of your fuel pumps in real-time? Now you can.

With Taiga’s Front Office Platform, you can see customer traffic at a glance across a variety of locations.  See a pump with no traffic?  Check it out and save revenue if there is a maintenance issue.  Understand how customers visit your stores and benefit from the following:

  • Optimized Scheduling: Know when to schedule more employees and know when you can get by with less.
  • Efficiently Cleaning and Stocking: Understand when slower periods occur to plan workloads.
  • Real-Time Trend Monitoring: See changes in customer traffic over time so you can stay one step ahead of your competition.

Customer Traffic Analysis Features

understand how customers visit your stores and optimize accordingly
See Heat Maps For Customer Traffic, Fuel Traffic and More
Understand How Traffic Patterns Vary By Store and Time Of Day
See All Customer Traffic At A Glance
Plan staffing, hot food, cleaning and other items to optimize your revenue and operations
Hear from our Clients

Integration & Implementation

“Taiga has transformed my data into an avalanche of actionable information.”
Alan Meyer
CEO of Mach 1 C-Stores

Start receiving real-time insights into your store’s data today with hands-on guidance and training.