Sales Demand Forecasting

understand where your revenue will be coming from and when and plan accordingly

Taiga’s Sales Forecasts leverage Artificial Intelligence to interpret the smallest details in your data and combine that with along with external factors like weather forecasts to deliver extremely accurate sales forecasts.

Taiga’s AI Provides Highly Accurate Short-Term Forecasts

Our AI Does the Analysis for you

Accurate Forecasting of Your Business

Taiga’s predictive demand forecasting add on can deliver sales forecasts, by hour, by store, by category, subcategory, department, item or even fuel! See where your business is going and take action as needed to ensure you stay on track.

Taiga’s AI analyzes millions of miniscule data points in real-time to make highly accurate predictions that enable our clients to capitalize on short-term fluctuations in demand. These short term fluctuations present the greatest opportunity for convenience store retailers to drive revenues, increase profit and improve customer satisfaction. 

Sales Demand Forecasting Features

Know where your Business is Going
See Forecasted Sales By Store For Planning
Understand Forecasted Sales By Department For Effective Inventory Management
See Fuel Forecasts by Type And Time
See where all aspects of your business are going and optimize planning and inventory
Hear from our Clients

Integration & Implementation

“Taiga came through on integration and implementation with flying colors. Within a week or two, we were pulling in live data from our POS, and then within another week or two we were pulling historical data to be translated into our dashboard for analyzing.”
Alan Meyer
CEO of Mach 1 C-Stores

Start recieving real-time insights into your store’s data today with hands-on guidance and training.