Issue Detection

increase revenue and improve efficiency

Monitor the sell-through of each SKU and receive alerts before you run out

Identify Issues Before They Become Problems

See opportunity cost from lost sales

Optimize Inventory And Ensure Sales

Managing inventory is a complex process.  If you have too little on hand you lose sales, if you have too much you have markdowns and carrying costs.  Finding the optimimal balance is key.

With Taiga’s  Add-On Issue Detection module, you monitor the sell-through rate of each SKU in 15 minute intervals. See when a product stops selling so you can act quickly.  Understand lost sales and opportunity costs associated with out of stocks so you can plan inventory accordingly.  Save time and money when you have the right amount of items in store at the right times.

Issue Detection Features

See instantly when a product isn't selling and act quickly to remedy
See Detail By SKU Inculuding Lost Sales and Opportunity Cost
Understand Opportunity Cost By Category
View Issues By Day To Improve Planning
See instantly where you are not selling and act quickly to remedy
Hear from our Clients

Integration & Implementation

“When I am talking to vendors it is wonderful because for the first time we are speaking the same language because we are all using the NACS categorization”
Slaton Whatley
Whatley Oil

Start recieving real-time insights into your store’s data today with hands-on guidance and training.