Loss Prevention

Track potentially suspicious transactions in your stores in real time

Reduce theft by tracking transactions with no UPC, cash payouts, no sales and discounts.

Taiga’s AI Provides Highly Accurate Transaction Monitoring

know whats going on in your stores

See Every Transaction As It Happens In Real-Time.

If you suspect something is going on in one of your stores, now you can confirm. Our Loss Prevention add-on tracks sales with no UPC, cash payouts, no sales and discounts. Easily see if you have a register malfunction, actual theft or undertrained employees.

With Taiga’s real-time business intelligence, you know what is going on in your stores in detail at a glance. Reduce theft and simplify your operations.

Loss Prevention & Transaction Monitoring Features

See All Transactions As they Occur and Be Alerted to Anomalies
Transactions Without A UPC are Easily Found
View All Transactions With A Discount In A Single Dash Board
Easily identify issues and remedy quickly
Hear from our Clients

Integration & Implementation

“Taiga will be the Source of Truth.”
Slaton Whatley
Whatley Oil

Start receiving real-time insights into your store’s data today with hands-on guidance and training.