Category Management

Managing Categories Plays a Key Role in Retail Success

Effective Day-to-Day Category Management and Merchandising

Understand and control every category in each and all of your stores with the full detail of the NACS category standards along with Taiga’s extensive database of brand and item attributes.


Our AI shows you which individual products, product sets, and categories are hot and which are not at each and every store. Know what should and shouldn't be on your shelf real-estate to maximize sales, volume, and profitability.


Our machine learning AI learns your customer’s buying habits showing you the best opportunities to promote, cross-promote, and increase basket profit.

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Real time transaction analysis of every item in your stores

Get the consumer into the store and purchase from the category
Increase the consumer’s average purchase of the category
Increase the sales of high margin products
Automatically categorizes your sales data using the NACS category definition standard
Automatically catalogues every item sale by brand, supplier, and other important factors
Automatically calculates item and basket profit, margin, and other KPIs  

AI targets purchasing obstacles in your stores

Decide on new products to add to the assortment
Determine the products that need to come off the assortment
Control the optimal number of active items in each set
Analyse and determine pricing, placement, and space for new items

Easy, anywhere access to category management of your stores

Improve merchandising efficiency with process automation
Save on personnel & paperwork costs
Improve performance through monitoring key indicators
Eliminate transcription error, lack of detail, and late reporting

Simplified Business Operations

Effortlessly modernize merchandising with critical data
Monitor performance from hundreds of miles away
No more manual updates and waiting for spreadsheets
No more software updates, you are always on the latest version