Case Studies

Data Driven Success: How Spring Street Mobil Transformed with Taiga

Client Overview

  •  Spring Street Mobil
  • Single Site Operator
  • Taiga Client Since December 2023
  • Paso Robles, California

Business Challenges

When Lisa became the proud new owner of the Spring Street Mobil, she faced the daunting task of operating a convenience store without prior industry experience. Complicating matters, all operational records were stored on paper, requiring extensive manual effort to manage the business and analyze store performance effectively. Without access to digital tools or insights, navigating day-to-day operations and making informed business decisions proved to be a considerable challenge.

Solution Overview

Recognizing the need for a modern solution, Spring Street Mobil partnered with Taiga to streamline their operations and unlock valuable insights. By integrating Spring Street’s technology systems, Taiga empowered Lisa to transition from manual data entry to automated analytics effortlessly. Now equipped with real-time data on sales trends and customer behavior, Spring Street Mobil gained the ability to make informed decisions swiftly. From adjusting store layouts to bringing products to the NACS Standard of Categorization, Taiga’s platform provided the insights needed to drive strategic performance improvements.

Data-Driven Results

With newfound ease of use and access to real-time data insights, Lisa has gained confidence that she can navigate the competitive c-store landscape.

  • Modified a vendor contract with a major beverage company for a more profitable arrangement, driven by insights revealing poor sales performance across their product category.
  • Conducted data-driven negotiations with distributors to address underperforming labels and brands to optimize product offerings.
  • Strategically redesigned her store layout based on the unique purchasing patterns of her customers.
  • Accessed store trends remotely from her smartphone, enabling timely decision-making from anywhere.
Overall, Spring Street Mobil’s experience with Taiga highlights the profound impact of leveraging data-driven solutions in small businesses. By embracing technology and harnessing actionable insights, Spring Street Mobil is poised to thrive in the competitive c-store market.