Relevant, Real-Time Insights


StoreKeep brings the data from all your stores to headquarters in real-time. It even alerts you to anomalies such as out of stocks and long lines. StoreKeep is the only product that collects all the data, presenting you with actionable information minute by minute, at HQ, or in your car.


StoreKeep’s user-friendly consoles are customized to display relevant information to different members of your team. Real-Time access to important trends and KPIs will empower your team to swiftly make informed decisions and achieve better results.


The StoreKeep Data Dock™ integrates with the systems at your stores and sends your data to our secure cloud in real-time. StoreKeep’s proprietary technology organizes and analyzes the data, identifying important trends and calculating key performance indicators. 

Real Time Alerts

StoreKeep is constantly monitoring sales data and trends to alert you to outliers and possible issues that may arise within your stores.


StoreKeep is continuously updated and improved by Taiga engineers. We're always on the lookout for new ways to surface your data and present it in actionable ways. And we love feedback from our customers!

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