Competitive Fuel Pricing

Real-time Fuel Operations Analysis

Fuel Pricing Paired With Real-time Data Insights

Our Front Office Platform's Competitive Fuel Pricing monitors pump transactions and continuously validates pricing against the competition. Know when a restoration is occurring, or if you're suddenly priced out of market.

Real-Time Fuel Analysis

Cloud-based Dashboards so you can oversee your fuel transactions

On the go Access to fuel sales Performance

Know current prices at the pumps anytime, at any location. Taiga helps operators make sure the prices at the pump match what's on the sign.

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Real-time Fuel Operations Analysis

Automatically analyzes every fuel transaction in your stores
Monitoring fuel protocol store by store to keep alignment with competitive market
Alerting you to pricing concerns and inaccuracies in your fuel pricing across grades
Analyzing tank and pump volume variance and in-store sales for optimal pricing protocol and strategy

Real-time Data Access

Cloud-based Dashboards so you can oversee your business operations from anywhere
Automatic synchronization of point of sale and tank monitor data with up to the minute accuracy
Configure Notifications by email/text for rapid response to changes in fuel pricing performance by store, category, or other factors

Simplified Business Operations

Effortlessly modernize critical resources with critical data
Monitor fuel pricing performance from hundreds of miles away
No more manual updates of fuel sales and days of supply
No more software updates, you are always on the latest version

Easy, Anywhere Access to Fuel Sales Performance of Your Stores

Improve operational efficiency with process automation
Save on personnel & paperwork costs
Improve operational performance through monitoring key indicators
Eliminate transcription error and late reporting