Transaction Monitoring

Real-time Transaction Analysis of Every Sale across Your Stores

Real-time Analysis of All Transactions Across Your Stores

Our Front Office Platform actively monitors all transactions and automatically identifies important sales insights. Eliminate in store issues and improve sales by monitoring the sell-through rate of every product in 15 minute increments.

Real-Time Sell-through analysis

Cloud-based Dashboards so you can oversee your business operations from anywhere

Simplified Business Operations

Monitor store progress from hundreds of miles away

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Automatic Real-time Sell-through Analysis of Every Item in Your Stores

Notify store managers of recommendations to fix the most critical product issues
Track store progress and performance with item loss and opportunity loss KPIs
Report on progress, compliance, sales, and basket lift in our easy-to-use consoles
Improve Product Availibility

AI Targets Purchasing Obstacles in Your Stores

Identify changes in product demand
Eliminate Out of Stocks
Watch for other obstructions

Easy, Anywhere Access to Store Performance

Improve operational efficiency with process automation
Save on personnel & paperwork costs.
Improve operational performance through monitoring key indicators
Eliminate transcription error and late reporting

Simplified Business Operations

Effortlessly modernize product availability with critical data
Monitor store progress from hundreds of miles away
No inventory scanning necessary to improve product availability
No more software updates, you are always on the latest version