Weekend Data Trends From America’s Biggest Football Event


Real-Time Trends from The Big Game

We are licking our wounds here at Taiga’s Cincinnati HQ. As lifelong Bengals fans, it was a heartbreaking loss but we still believe that Joe Burrow can lead us back next season. Now that the game is over, we decided to share some valuable insights into the performance of beer and salty snacks that occurred over the weekend. These are just a few examples of what StoreKeep can produce in real-time.

In alcoholic beverages, large pack domestic beer and seltzers drove to big growth as shoppers stocked up for their big game parties.

In salty snacks, tortilla chips led the forward momentum in growth as customers picked up their favorite scooping and dipping snacks.

Several categories came off the sidelines ready to play with ice, candy and propane making big contributions. Below are the major growth moves in the NACS categories from the big game.

The data provided above is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the insights that we can unlock once installed at your stores. Going forward, we plan to share more analysis and trends in our newsletter each week. If you have a specific type of analysis that you would like to see, please feel free to email a request. If you would like to learn more about how StoreKeep can give you better access to analytics like the information above, please contact us as we would love to tell you more.