Still running your c-stores on routine?

Today’s convenience store operator has a vast ecosystem of data spread throughout their organization from numerous software systems, vendors, and versions. Operators know that utilizing this data for local insight and action has unlimited possibilities to generate revenue, reduce costs, and streamline operations. So why are so many operators still making decisions based on routine? Until now, only 10% of your organization’s data is analyzed. The remaining 90% is unused, unstructured, and hidden in software that doesn’t talk to each other. Taiga’s proprietary Data Logistics Hub (DLH) starts the conversation between your software systems giving you One platform  for insight informed decision making.

Real-time action is a game changer for convenience

Convenience operators have known for a long time that business intelligence is key to a modern and successful growth strategy. Unfortunately, over 80% of operators are spending significant resources sorting through print reports, transaction logs, and unreliable 3rd party data sources creating little value and far too slow to act.

Taiga’s Consoles put you back in the driver’s seat with real time performance metrics and outlier detection. How is Store 6 performing under the new manager? Forgot to replenish hot food before lunch at Store 3? Likely to run out of washer fluid ahead of tomorrow’s snowstorm? Understand how your stores are performing today when you have the opportunity to make an impact.

Where does my data come from?

Important data originates with customer transactions at point of sale, pump controllers, QSR, loyalty programs, inventory control, and many other sources at your c-stores. With certainty, most of this data sits idle in your stores because these systems weren’t designed for business intelligence they were designed to pump fuel, checkout customers, track stock, etc. Today, many of these systems come with reports or dashboards for operators but they will always be incomplete because none of them can show you the whole picture.

You need the dots connected to understand the who, when, where, and how of your c-stores.

Cutting edge technology designed for C-Stores

Taiga’s patent pending Data Logistics Hub (DLH) is the first true business intelligence platform designed and built for Convenience. Convenience operators are familiar with making due with good enough software designed for restaurant, grocery, and other areas of retail. However, when it comes to business intelligence, operators need a solution that is meant for convenience. 

The Taiga Dock is set up in minutes at each of your stores. Just plug it in to enable secure real-time interfaces from store data to the Hub. The Hub takes it from there. Acting like a thousand consultants to make sense of your operational data and turn it into actionable information from the big picture down to the smallest detail.

Taiga shines light on your data

Taiga brings together customer data, integrated platforms, predictive analytics, and marketing strategy to drive sales growth and customer loyalty for your business. Achieving business objectives by encouraging awareness, trial, sales uplift, earned media impressions and, ultimately, customer loyalty. Using a sophisticated, patent pending suite of tools and technology, we turn customer data into knowledge, resulting in a more enlightened, more personal, dynamic approach to putting the customer at the center of every business decision.


Real time revenue tracking

View, access, and analyze sales data for products, stores, regions, and customer segments without waiting for the weekly sales reports. Know how your stores and promotions are performing in real time when you have the opportunity to make an impact.


Accurate demand forecasting

Leverage real time data to ensure that you have the right amount of product at the right time while also helping you understand the trends and the reasons why.


Customer segmentation

Label and identify the segments and traits that are important to each of your customers based on how they interact across channels and systems in real time. Leverage this knowledge to adapt and personalize strategy and campaigns to your best customers.


Responsive A/B testing

Manipulate 1st party data to plan test stores and markets. Forecast, track, adapt, and expand promotion and placement tests with real time sales data direct from your stores’ point of sale.


Data driven decisions

Have confidence that strategic decisions are backed by accurate and relevant data from across your business operations. Along with an easy to create, professional, boardroom ready, set of over 30 interactive visualizations to help drive your next initiative.


Strategic planning

Drill into data on individual stores or regions with intuitive and precision accurate metrics and historical comparisons to identify SWOTs to your strategic plans.


Store expansion

Utilize interactive map visualizations and charts to analyze your customer, competitive, and market data to know where, when, and why to open new stores, reformat, or shift resources.


Ready for the future, today

Get results without costly long term upgrades to POS or other systems. Taiga unifies your data points across existing on-premise and cloud retail technologies. So you have the knowledge to win in the market of today and tomorrow.

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