Convenience Store Remote Operations

Real-time integration for remote operations.

Taiga uses patented real-time integration to keep your staff connected to all aspects of your operation, even while working remotely. The StoreKeep platform can be custom tailored to your company so each staff member can see exactly what they need to be 100% effective 24/7.

View, access, and analyze KPIs and scorecards for products, stores, regions, and customer segments from anywhere without waiting for the weekly sales reports. Know how your stores, fuel sales, and promotions are performing in real time when you have the opportunity to make an impact.

A unique suite of software as a service products designed to meet the ever changing needs of small and large convenience store operators. Giving you the flexibility and toolset to operate remotely as you grow without concern for upgrades or versions.

Conversion Driven In-Store Purchase

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In this week's edition, c-stores everywhere have gained an important new group of customers due to the coronavirus pandemic. We refer to such a customer as a “Grocery Buyer” or GB because they are now visiting your store to purchase items that they used to buy at a grocery store. How can you work to keep them?


Fuel sales used to be a reliable indicator of how in-store sales were performing and depending on which source you use, fuel demand is down at least 50% across the US. Surprisingly, since the Lockdown began, most stores have only seen a decline in retail sales of 20%, and, there are a handful of stores that are actually outperforming their numbers from last year. It's like customers changed overnight along with top selling items. What is driving these changes?


C-store operators that understand conversions set themselves up to win big.